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  • Fred
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There once was a boy named Fred. He would do anything. Take any dare. This game is his legacy.

Inside the game is a set of 78 tests. Some involve nothing more than stretching out and relaxing. Others require acts of humiliation, torture and revulsion - the sort of stuff that people not named Fred tend to avoid.

Draw a card and complete a test or you're out. The first player to avoid elimination and complete four tests for credits wins*.

*If by 'wins' you mean embarrassing yourself in front of friends, family and total strangers.

Example Tests

Gesundheit - Snort a pinch of pepper in one nostril and a pinch of salt in the other.

Skid Mark - Go into the bedroom and return with your underwear in your hand. Reveal to all players its cleanliness or lack of cleanliness.

Emmy - turn the TV to the worst show you can find. Watch for 2 minutes and then perform those 2 minutes as accurately as possible.

Fetch - the player of your choice fetches you a refreshing drink and at least 2 other items.

Contents: Rules, Timer, Clothespin, 13 Torture Cards, 13 Foul Cards, 13 Spazz Cards, 13 Crank Cards, 13 Powder Puff Cards, 13 Laze Cards

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