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Free Print-and-Play Games

Here's a free game designed by us that you can print-and-play yourself.



Witchfinder is a two-player card game where rival villages battle to be the first to expose a witch among the other's villagers. This micro-game has just 18 cards and requires very little effort to prepare.

If you know your games, then Witchfinder was our attempt at a micro-game in the style of Love Letter, but specifically designed for two players. 

Download the rules and either read them online or print them (two pages).

Download the card image file; print two copies (one set for each player) on light card and cut out the individual cards.

You'll need a few coloured tokens to keep scores, and you're ready to play.

Witchfinder Card Game - Rules

Witchfinder Card Game - Card Image - A4

Witchfinder Card Game - Card Images - US Letter

Our print-and-play games are offered as free downloads for personal, strictly non-commercial use only. You may not redistribute, sell or trade the game materials in any form.


Alhambra: Solo Rules

If you have a copy of the popular game, Alhambra, but can't always find someone to play it with, here's a set of rules that we developed for solo play. These rules allow you to run a 'robot' player that collects tiles and points in competition with you. They also aim to make the human player’s game experience as close as possible to the original game and provide a challenging strategy experience.

Alhambra Solo Rules