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Christmas Delivery

Orders placed before midday on Tuesday the 19th December will be received in time for Christmas.

After that date we will not be accepting orders until 26th December.

We hold all our own stock and do not 'drop-ship' via other suppliers.

Is it in stock?

We strive to ensure that 'in stock' means just that. The 'Current Stock' number shown for each game is an accurate reflection of our actual stock level. We do not offer games for sale where we do not have the stock. If a game is out of stock and may not be available for many months, we remove it from the website. Mistakes do happen, but such errors are rare.

We hold all our own stock and do not 'drop-ship' via other suppliers.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we offer Gift Vouchers here: Gift Vouchers. You can choose a design and amount, and the voucher is purchased through the checkout like any other product. Once purchased, the recipient will receive their voucher via email as an attachment. The voucher contains a unique code that can be used as payment in our checkout.



Do you accept telephone orders?

In keeping with our policy of not handling customers' credit card details, we do not take orders by telephone. This policy is for customer privacy and security.

Do the prices include VAT?

All prices on this website include UK VAT at 20%. Customers within the European Union all pay UK VAT. If you live outside the European Union, VAT will be deducted from your order at the checkout. Please note that to be eligible for VAT deduction we must send the parcel directly to an address outside the European Union.

HRMC regard the Postage and Packaging charges applied by a mail order company as a service, so VAT will also be added to the postage cost at the checkout.

How much will postage and packaging cost?

Postage and packaging charges are based on the weight of the goods you have ordered and are added at the checkout, once you have selected the destination country for delivery. In all cases you will be shown the exact cost of the delivery charge before you are asked to pay.

For example postage costs, see Postage Costs.

Is it safe to shop on the internet?

Absolutely! Your credit card details are encrypted and processed by our Secure Payment Providers, and we do not see the card details. Your credit card company will also provide you with a guarantee in the unlikely event of your card being used fraudulently. There is also an option to pay by cheque.

When will I get my games?

Orders received by 12:00pm are dispatched the same business day. Royal Mail postal time are as follows:
First Class - 1-2 working days
Second Class - 3-5 working days
Courier Service - 1-2 working days

If you have not received your order within 5 working days of placing it at our website, please contact us. International orders usually take longer to arrive. International Economy can take up to 12 weeks to arrive.

What if there's a problem?

We aim to provide complete satisfaction with our products and service. If, for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our service or goods you have purchased from us then please contact us. For full details, see our Delivery and Returns Policy.

Many games show a minimum age; is this strict?

We quote the manufacturer's age range on all games. However, these are guidelines only and can often be played by ages younger than those shown. Some family games can be enjoyed with younger children by simplifying the rules. Children often enjoy the game mechanic and are not concerned about strategy or winning. Carcassonne and Niagara are good examples of such games.

An age range of 16+ indicate that the game contains adult themes and content.

What does the 'Complexity' rating mean?

On each game listing you will find a Complexity rating. This is a number from 1 to 5 and is based on ratings taken from the game fan site, BoardGameGeek, and our own assessments.

The complexity rating indicates how difficult the game will be to learn and master.

General Guide to Complexity Ratings:

  1. Light - Most children's games and easy party games (e.g the traditional card game, Snap)
  2. Light/Medium - strategy games with not too much depth and some element of luck; Most family games.
  3. Medium - More difficult strategy games
  4. Medium/Heavy - Much more complex games (e.g Chess)
  5. Heavy - Real brain-burners; strategy games with many factors to take into account

Most people should be able to pick up a play a game of complexity 1 or 2.
Complexity 3 will take a little more effort and is usually best if you have played some easier games before and are familiar with the mechanics often used.
Game of complexity 4 or more are for hardened game enthusiasts.

Note that we only stock a few 4's and no 5's.

Do you have an actual shop?

We are an internet-based business and do not have a physical store.

Why can't I find Monopoly on your website?

We don't stock Monopoly because we don't think its a very good game. Many people have fond memories of Monopoly as their first real board game, but if they were to play it again, they would be disappointed.

Customers have thanked us for providing them with a release from another Christmas of Monopoly hell.

What's wrong with Monopoly?

Game design has advanced a lot in the last twenty years and Monopoly suffers from a number of problems that are now considered to be bad design:

  1. Once one player has established a lead, the others are powerless to do anything about it. The game must grind on to its inevitable conclusion.
  2. There is nothing to do whilst waiting for your turn. You can't even consider your strategy forward. There is no strategy in Monopoly; there are almost no choices to make and the game is entirely based on luck.
  3. You can't always use your turn to improve your position. Your own turn can be your downfall.
  4. There is little variation - the board is always the same and the game is always the same. Even the many variants that have been produced are just a different set of names on exactly the same game.