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Board Game Buyer's Guide

Beginner's Guide

Browsing for gifts or inspiration? Bored of the same old games? Have a look at our Beginner's Guide. It contains titles that we sell (and play) regularly because they are very good games for discovering a whole new world of board gaming. We call them 'gateway' games as they are often easy to play to teach to others but still contain a more interesting style of play than the more traditional 'High Street' board games.

All of these come with expansions, or variants which is a sign of a well-designed and popular game as the manufacturers will only make expansions if there is a demand.

More Board Game Suggestions

Tried our Beginner's Guide and looking to move on? Here are some board games that we  highly recommend. We've played all of them; some, many times and we always come back to them.

More Board Game Suggestions