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Award-Winning Board Games

Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year)

Many games come with award-winning stickers on the front of the box, but the most prestigious award is the Spiel des Jahres awarded annually by a jury of German game critics. Just receiving a nomination is a high honour and a recommendation of the game's quality and playability. Here is a list of the past winners:

Year Winner Other Nominees

Special Award


Camel Up Splendor, Concept


Hanabi Quixx, Augustus Escape,Libertalia


Kingdom Builder Vegas, Eselbrucke  


Qwirkle Forbidden Island, Asara  
2010 Dixit Fresco, A la Carte, Identik, Hansa Teutonica, Samarkand, Endeavor, Tobago, Kamisado, Jaipur World Without End
2009 Dominion Finca, Maori, Mow, Pack & Stack, Pandemic Space Alert, GiftTRAP
2008 Keltis* The Hanging Gardens, Stone Age, Marrakech, Wicked Witches Way, Witch's Brew Agricola
2007 Zooloretto The Thief of Baghdad, Arkadia, Thebes, Yspahan
2006 Thurn and Taxis Aqua Romana, Blue Moon City, Just4Fun, Buccaneer (The Pirates) Shadows over Camelot, Caylus
2005 Niagara Himalaya, Around the World in 80 Days, Jambo, That's Life  
2004 Ticket to Ride Dawn Under, Ingenious,Maharaja,Saint Petersburg  
2003 Alhambra Clans,Die Dracheninsel  
2002 Villa Paletti Puerto Rico, Trans America  
2001 Carcassonne Das Amulett, Zapp Zerapp Lord of the Rings, Troia
2000 Torres Carolus Magnus, Citadels  
1999 Tikal Giganten, Union Pacific  
1998 Elfenland Basari, Through the Desert, Tigris and Euphrates  
1997 The Missippi Queen Bohanza, Settlers of Catan Card Game
1996 El Grande Gloria Picktoria  
1995 Settlers of Catan Condotierre, Medici  
1994 Elfenland Category 5, I'm the Boss, Take it Easy  

The list goes on, but the older games are hard to source now,
*Lost Cities Board Game is the English equivalent of Keltis

Kennerspiel des Jahres (Gamer's Game of the Year)

Awarded alongside the Spiel des Jahres, but selected to honour games intended for connoisseurs and gaming experts.

Year Winner Other Nominees


Istanbul  Concordia, Rokoko


Legends of Andor  


Village K2, Tarqui


7 Wonders Lancaster, Strasbourg

UK Games Expo

The best of new board games is celebrated every year at the UK Games Expo. The winner in each category is determined by a combined system of a public vote and the opinion of a panel of judges. The awards usually go to British game designers and publishers:

Year Category


2016 Best Board Game Isle of Skye

Best Family Game Civilisation
  Best Strategic Card and Dice Game Odin's Ravens
  Best Abstract Game Onitama
  Best General Game Time Stories
  Best Children's Game Ice Cool
  Best Party Game Codenames
2014 Best New Board Game Splendor

Best Family Game Luchador!
  Best Strategic Card Game Trains
  Best Abstract Game Castellan
  Best General Card Game Cheaty Mages
  Best Children's Game The Magic Labyrinth
  Best Party Game Anomia
2013 Best Board Game Mice and Mystics
  Best Strategic Card Game Lords of War
  Best Abstract Game String Railways
  Best General Card Game Smash Up
  Best Miniatures Game Star Wars X-Wing
2012 Best Board Game Zoom Zoom Kaboom
  Best Family Game Rory's Story Cubes
  Best Abstract Game Foundation
  Best Card Game Panic Lab
2011 Best Board Game Ankh Morpork
  Best Family/Children's Game Kingbrick
  Best Card Game Braggart
  Best Abstract Game Cubulus
2010 Best Board Game Workshop of the World
  Best Family/Children's Game Forbidden Island
  Best Card Game World Cup Card Game
  Best Abstract Game Mijnlieff
2009 Best Board Game Snow Tails
  Best Family/Children's Game Cubiko
  Best Card Game Fzzzt!
  Best Abstract Game Kamisado
2008 Best Board Game Iceflow
  Best Quiz Game Identity Crisis
  Best Abstract Game Serendipity
  Special Award Take It Easy
2007 Best Board Game Fagin’s Gang
  Best Family/Children's Game Alphabet Runner
  Special Award Pitchcar