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Summoner Wars

Summoners Wars is a fast-playing, action-packed 2-player card game. Players take on the role of Summoners: powerful beings who harness the power of mysterious Summoning Stones to lead their race to conquest on the war-torn planet of Itharia. These Summoners wield terrible magic on the battlefield, freezing their foes in place, draining their enemies of power, and even bringing rains of fire down from the heavens.

Each Starter Set of Summoner Wars contains 2 complete, battle-ready Factions, ready to jump you and an opponent into the thick of the War for Itharia. Each Faction is a unique race or civilization with its own secret goals. Starter Sets also include everything you will need to play, including a Battle Mat, Wound Markers, dice, and a rulebook.

Summoner Wars is fully expandable with entirely new faction decks, and each Faction will have its own expansions, adding new warriors, monsters, and abilities.